Wedding photographer  based in Grand Junction, Colorado  available to travel from Aspen to Montrose, Ouray, Moab, Utah and beyond. I like to tell a story and photograph weddings  in a natural, bright and  joyful,  style. I found my passion in photographing weddings in 2018 when a friend asked me to capture his special day  at The Redlands Community Center in Grand Junction. The night before the wedding his  photographer let him down and I was thrown into something I had not done before. I loved  photographing the whole event from  the getting ready bridal  details to family portraits and the ceremony. When the day ended I did not want it to be over and  realised this was something I really enjoyed to do.

Looking for a planner ? There are some great wedding planners  in the area check out a VENDOR LIST to get you started. If you are not working with a planner I will send you information and a photography shot list. I will need a timeline of events so I don’t miss a moment.   


There are so  many amazing locations on  the Colorado Western Slope  for weddings. From rustic ranches to Churches and outdoor scenic locations. If you are wanting more of a laid back  elopement  or small intimate ceremony The Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction is a great location.  Cold Shivers Point gives you  drama with  cliffs and rocky ledges to stand on.  You will need a permit for a ceremony to be obtained by the bride and groom.

 I love  to capture this style of elopement wedding,  please see my vendors list for small intimate elopement wedding planners, officiant etc. Just have your planner contact me  for booking  photography services and I will  work with them on all the  details.

I can cover the entire event from getting ready details to family portraits and ceremony or just specific photo requirements you ask for. I  will plan to meet either in person or via zoom to go over your creative vision and will create a photo shot list.  

  I like to give as many photos I feel will tell the story of your day. I will cull and pick only the best ones and not give an overload of repeats unless they are significantly different in pose or expression.  Expect to receive 400-600 + as a rough estimate for full day coverage. I will be taking photos the entire time I am there.   

I will start the editing process the next day as I know you will want to see images.   I do not work full time as a wedding photographer so I plan to make sure a wedding is fully edited and delivered with 3-7 days. If for some reason I have to extend the time I will let you know. At least 100 photos will be available to view quickly via an online album for you to share on social media. The full album will be mailed to you on a USB stick.

Happy to cover any type or style of wedding. Wether you are getting married in a Christian Church, doing  a desert elopement in Moab,  LBTQ   or you want to BASE jump after the ceremony  I am in ! ( as long as I can stay  on  the ground ) 

To any event I bring two mirrorless Nikon Z  cameras with a variety of prime lenses. I love mirrorless cameras for weddings as they are silent and produce crisp, bright true to color photos. My favorite lenses are the   85mm and 50mm for   portraits and 35mm for wide angle shots. I do use  off camera flash when needed, I prefer natural light over flash but for receptions and party dancing I set up  light stands and use off camera flash with Magmod diffusers.


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