Senior Pictures

Senior photo sessions for guys or girls are fun! I love natural, outdoor style portraits, I like mountain backdrops, flowers and fall leaves in the Autumn. I am available to travel from Aspen, Colorado to Moab, Utah. My style is natural, bright and joyful, I am always looking for great light to make you look your best. I like to pose people in a way that looks natural while also having fun and showing off your personality. The best time of day for taking senior pictures is the two hours before sunset, you get that nice soft glowly light that makes the photo pop. Keep that in mind when wanting to book a session.

Local locations I like shoot in include The Grand mesa, Colorado National Monument, local parks, Down Town Grand Junction ( graffiti art is my favourite ) your ranch home or house with land. I like old barns, rustic doorways, nature, sunflowers, old cars ( love old cars) motorcycles ( I own one if you want to sit on a Harley) and basically anything that can add interest and creativity to a photo will work.

What to wear? Wear an outfit ( and a bring a couple to change in to) that you are comfortable in but also flatters your body. Flowy cotton fabric, tops with long sleeves, always look great and skirts with movement that you can play with make great photos. I love hats and accessories, I keep a wide brim boho hat style collection that I bring along with me so we can mix up the look for fun. Accessories such as a necklace (long or short) will give your hands something to do. Keep it simple is best and choose colors that will contrast against the background we are shooting in. For example Moab’s red rocks look great with pastel shades, pinks, light blues, white’s and creams. For forest photos avoid dark colors and avoid green’s or you will just blend into the background.

A photo from this seniors session with Oaklee Hughes from Montrose was published in Lensational Magazine a photographer and model publication from the UK – they contacted me via Instagram and requested the photo. Not saying you will be featured in a magazine but you never know what can happen when you post a great image of yourself!

Prices start at $250 within my local area and $350 in Aspen and Moab. I will travel I just have to cover travel expenses. To book a session send a message with your required date and location and I will respond within 24 hours.