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Family Photo Shoot at Sorrel River Ranch

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Family Photo Shoot at Sorrel River Ranch

I was very excited to photograph Brooke and her family visiting from the East Coast. They were staying at the Sorrel River Ranch which is based in a beautiful location along the old Hwy 128 that takes you along the Colorado River into Moab. There are many great locations to take people for photo shoots and Brooke decided that the ranch itself was pretty enough so we decided to meet and shoot there.


Sorrel River ranch

I met Brooke with her son and daughter at their cabin and we had a fun time walking around the ranch. We started by walking out to a row of trees that were slightly shaded with a butte in the background. The scenery all around the ranch is very Wild West and you can find old wagons and plenty of horses on the grounds.

We had fun wandering around the cabins, walking along the Colorado River and checking out the pig pen. As the afternoon rolled on it started to get windy and a storm came in. All of a sudden there was a huge rainbow over the ranch and I told everyone to run into position for a photo. After an hour of shooting its likely the last thing anyone wants to do but its so rare to see a rainbow I had to make it happen.


rainbow over Sorrel River ranch

An hour always passes by so quickly but I was able to capture a lot of photos in this time and was able to give Brooke a collection of memories I hope that she enjoy’s.

The rainbow turned into a double rainbow I was able to capture over Fisher Towers on my drive home to Grand Junction.
Rainbow over Fisher Towers


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