Moab Utah: Landscape Photography

Moab, Utah is a photographer’s paradise, with red rock landscapes and unique geological formations that are sure to inspire any landscape photographer. The rugged terrain, towering red rock cliffs, and colorful  sunsets make for great shots.
There are plenty of scenic places to explore, from Arches National Park to Canyonlands National Park, each with their own unique character and features. Keep your camera ready for wildlife encounters along the way, like bighorn sheep, mule deer, and even the occasional coyote.

For the best lighting and composition, plan your shoots during the early morning hours or late afternoon, when the sun is low and casts a warm glow on the surrounding landscape. Don’t forget to pack a tripod and polarizing filter to help capture the  colors and textures in your photos.

 Claire Codling first visited Moab in the 1990’s and the area quickly became her favorite place. She spent many hours wandering the trails of Arches National park and has photographed countless sunrises and sunsets all over the Moab area. 

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