Yes, you can split a session and share the cost with a friend or another family. I understand not everyone wants or needs a lot of photos so if you're travelling in a group bring them all along and share the cost. You won't receive as many photos per person as time will be spilt with other people. Photos delivered will be put into one album and delivered to the client who makes the booking.


No max on people, I have photographed family reunions with 48 people. Just let me know how many people ahead of time so I can arrange the right location. Travelling into Arches National Park with 50 people will be difficult to find parking and blocking trails during busy times may not work for us. We can always shoot at your lodging or I can suggest a location nearest that will work for best parking and scenic backdrops..


Yes I am always up for an adventure and happy to shoot anywhere, National & State Parks, downtown, family homes, lodging etc if you have a specific location in mind let me look to see when the best time of day will be to shoot there. The background might be awesome but when the sun is blasting in your face it doesn't work well for a portrait! Lighting is key for successful photos, photography is more than just push a button to make magic happen.


I create natural and joyful images, you might call it bright and airy or classic. I like natural skin tones meaning I won't intentionally make you look overly orange or earthy brown. I like the colors of the environment to be as close to natural as i saw it. I like joyful images that show genuine smiles, poses are directed but not forced. I hand edit all my images, I don't use presets and decided to stay away from trendy editing styles that come and go. When booking a photographer editing style is what you are booking. Keep in mind weather plays a big part in how a photo looks, if you wanting golden glow that happens at sunset but cannot happen if sun is behind clouds.


You will receive hand edited photos (figure approx 50-100 images per hour) via an online gallery. The final images delivered are chosen by me, you will not receive every photo I take. Each photo is looked at and you will receive all of the images I feel are flattering and tell a story. You will not receive multiple repeats of the same scene or pose unless images are different in some way. Weddings are delivered via USB. Photos via gallery will be full sized and web sized for online sharing. Galleries will expire after 6 weeks so please make sure to download all of them right away. Prints are not included. If you would like more photos edited and added to the gallery than delivered I charge $50 an hour for editing and processing work.


Once images are delivered please look over them and let me know within 3 days if you require any minor adjustments, This may include cropping an image to a different size, removing stray hairs from an image ( hair blowing in wind cannot be fixed) or removing an object from a scene. This does not include photoshop work, removing skin blemishes or altering the image in some way. After 3 days the delivery is final, if you need more time due to travelling let me know. If you contact me more than 3 days after delivery please understand the edits have been removed from my computer and any new work will require starting from scratch. I bill $50 per hour and can schedule a time to create a new edit.


All final images are selected by me and hand edited. Once an album is delivered please take the time to look at the images and request alterations such as crop to a different size or remove a stray hair, take out a small object etc within 3 days of delivery. Other than minor details I do not do photoshop work on images. Airbrushing skin, removing skin blemishes etc takes hours of extra time and as I shoot to get it right in camera it is not something I plan time for. For success wear clothing that suits and fits you, cover up anything you don't want shown in a photo, wear a headband to keep bangs out of the face and use makeup to hide red marks on skin etc. Let me know before the shoot starts if you have a concern about something you don't want highlighted ( it's ok we all have something - don't like your arms? lazy eye? have a best side etc). Contact me for any advice with this!


I do not deliver raw files. Raw files are unedited images shot in a flat colorless profile straight out of camera. That means an image will look dull and lifeless to you and will require editing to bring those files to life as you see them. I think of giving raw files like a baker giving you a bag of ingredients instead of a finished pretty cake!


Your online gallery is attached to Bayphoto.com offering discounts for prints and frames, it might save you some money. You can download the images and print anywhere you like, you have full rights to use photos as you wish.


I the photographer owns the copyright to the images, this means they cannot be sold for profit. You have the right to use, print or share as you wish. I do not want my images posted online with different edits or a filter applied. Altered images are no longer my work and I do not want my name attached to them.


Wear clothing you're comfortable in and flatters you. Choose a color palette that contrasts against the background we are shooting in. For example don't wear dark green if we are shooting in a wooded area with pine trees or orange if we are shooting in Arches National Park. You want to be seen in the photo not blend into the background.


If for some reason we are not able to hold a photo session due to illness, accident, bad weather or some other reason beyond our control we can look at rescheduling. If I show up to a session and cannot shoot due to a client no show, illness, client under the influence, I have the right to cancel the session and full payment will be owed. If I am given 24 hours notice and have not travelled to the location the session can be rescheduled and the deposit/ money paid can go towards the new booking. If I cannot make it to a session due to unforeseen circumstances I will make every effort to contact you and any money paid will be refunded in full if I cannot arrive on time or reschedule. ( Has not happened yet and hopefully never will-I always get to location well ahead of time to allow for any travel delays.)


Deposits are not refundable under any circumstances. Once a booking has been made I hold the day for you and do not book anything else that day. If I cannot perform services due to illness or some other event beyond my control you will receive 100% of your money back.


Wedding, family and seniors photographer based in Grand Junction, Colorado



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