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I love bright and joyful images with color pop and natural skin tones. I will show up a few minutes early to scout and look for good light locations that will be flattering for you. I am not a fan of dark and moody editing styles and I don’t use presets I edit all photos by hand. During a shoot I like the approach of being ourselves and having fun with no stiff forced posed shots but I will offer posing direction so I can get some great images for you. Dont worry! the best models are those who have never posed before and it can be a lot of fun!

I recommend to bring two outfits so we can change up the look. To create a bright and airy style to your images colors that look good are neutrals, tans, light pinks, light blues, teals, cream, gray, whites. Avoid black and dark colors and wild prints ( no hot pink zebra stripes please – my camera has a hard time with the animal prints. I want to the focus to be on your gorgeous face not your outfit).

Ladies – If you want a soft feminine look then I recommend a soft flowy long cotton dress or skirt. Loose fitting clothing photographs much nicer than a tight fitted top or dress and we can play with the fabric for different looks. Choose an outfit you feel confident in and shows off your best features. Scarves and shawls are great accessories they can help create a different look. A statement necklace that hangs low is also great as it gives you something to do with your hands.

Gentlemen – casual plain cotton shirts look great with jeans or pants and closed toe shoes. Avoid matching colors to your partner, the goal is to coordinate not match. Avoid both of you wearing white tops for example as this wont allow for any contrast in your images. Also avoid shirts with tiny patterns as they create strange visual effects in camera.

If we are shooting outdoors in a scenic location during the summer months it can be extremely hot in Colorado and Utah. Bring water and sun screen. We will be shooting two hours before sunset when the sun goes down and is not as harsh but it will still be hot. Walking out to the shooting location I recommend walking shoes and change into your heels or nicer shoes when we arrive.

Safety: Always be aware of your surroundings and look where you are walking. If we are on the rim of Dead Horse Point or an overlook never turn your back to the canyon unless instructed and we are in a safe place to do so. (Don’t worry we will not be right on the edge unless we have parachutes and are ready to BASE jump.)

I am a tech geek so I love all the latest gear and new toys. I shoot with Nikon cameras, Z6ii, D750 full frame and a Dx D7500. I have a variety of lenses my favourite being the 85mm for portraits, 70-200mm for long distance, 50mm, 35mm and wide angle lenses for landscape and night sky photography.

Drone? yes! DJI Mavic air 2 and a Ronin SC gimbal for video making. I learn and teach myself as I go but I really want to get more into video making.

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