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family photographer Arches national Park, Moab, Utah

Family Photographer, Aspen Colorado To Moab, Utah

Family photographer available from Aspen, Colorado, Grand Junction  to Moab, Utah. A family session is  fun,  enjoy each others company for a couple of  hours while I take your photos in a location of your choice. Wether you are hosting  a family reunion, event or just wanting family  photos updated  I will be happy to take your pictures.  

My photography style is natural, bright and joyful. I like to capture real moments and smiles and show a location as I saw it. I like to capture a variety of portraits from body flattering face the camera posed shots to unposed funny moments. Enjoy scrolling a photo gallery  of hand edited photos  that  will be a happy memory for you to look back on  for years to come. 

Family Session At Arches National Park

Arches National park is a great choice for a family with younger children or large family groups. My favourite trails are Double Arch and Turret Arch offering  a variety of backdrops, pathways and arches. Easy access to trails from the parking lot with two  bathrooms for changing outfits. 

Other locations in the park include Park Avenue, the three gossips, La Sal Mountain overlook to name a few. We can also hike to Delicate Arch or one of the many other trails leading to arches. Best time for a session is the two hours before sunset. Price $500 for 1-2 hour session

Family Session At Fisher Towers

If your wanting something different with older kids Fisher Towers is a Wild West adventure. Located on Hwy 128 (the old route into Moab) there is a hike out to scenic views. There are  some drop offs  and the rock can be loose so good walking shoes needed. It is very hot here during the day with no shade so best time to photo here is sunrise or sunset. At sunset there is a window of the where the towers light up with color making for a spectacular  backdrop for family photos.         Price: $500 for 1-2hr session

Family Session At Dead Horse Point

Dead Horse Point in Canyonlands is hard to beat for  the views. The horseshoe river bend and canyon landscape is an amazing backdrop for family photo sessions.   The best time of day to shoot here is sunrise or early morning if you want a clear view of the river bend like in this family picture. This particular morning we had unexpected snow and it was freezing but so worth it  as the dusting of snow made it picture perfect. Don’t worry about weather, I prefer clouds over blue skies as it will  add  interest to the photos.  Price : $500 for 1-2 hr session

Family Reunions & Events

Family reunions are a lot of fun. It is a great idea to have a photographer come along and take  photos of everyone.  Check out  Slick Rock Lodge in Moab  you can rent for large family groups. I can come to your lodging or take you to a local park.  There are also many options in Western Colorado such as the  Hotel Colorado in Glenwood Springs, or Hotel Jerome in Aspen.  Price: $500 for 1-2 hour session

If you want me to come along on a half or full day adventure to photo a trip  or action adventure  I am in ! Just message me with your ideas and I can create a custom package.

As you look through the photo galleries I think you will see a difference in the pictures I take and the ones you snap on the phone. A pro photographer is trained in lighting,  posing and composition to make you look your best. On vacation we spend  money   on trinkets and t shirts that are eventually   thrown away.  There is  value in  quality photos that you can print, post on social media  and keep as memories for  years to come. 

My photo sessions are more of an adventure than just stand and pose.   We   go on hike or an adventure in any location of your choice. I will capture the action taking a variety of photos from the standard face the camera and cheese ( not too many of those I like the natural smiles) to fun and candid shots. You will receive a gallery of 100-150 photos to enjoy for a lifetime.

In my local area of Western Colorado I like to go to Rifle falls State park or the Colorado National Monument. There are vineyards and Clarks Family orchard in Palisade. I can also come to your home if you have a nice landscape or open area  nearby. 


Moab, Utah there are so many locations including two National Parks, Arches national park, and Canyonlands. Dead Horse Point State park is great and there is also Fisher Towers on Hwy 128 ( old route into Moab). If you are staying at a ranch along Hwy 128 the scenery is spectacular all around there as well. I am open to hiking any trail, jeeping  or going anywhere with you, just let me know your thoughts and ideas and I will put a plan together.



Don’t know how to pose? don't worry no one does unless they are trained models. During our session I will guide you on posing in the best way to flatter the body.  I am open to your creative ideas as well as capturing fun shots and candids. I will not deliver any photo that does not flatter you. My goal is to present  photos you will be proud of and will want to share on social media and with your family and friends.

If you know your best side   or have concerns about a part of your  body   in photos    trust me  I completely understand ( that's why I am behind the camera).  It will help me know  about it  before the session starts  so  I can  be  watching out for you.  




The best clothing to wear is  an outfit  you feel comfortable in and flatters you.  Loose fitting  cotton is best, avoid stretchy tight fitted material like lycra or nylon it will look funky in the photos. Choose  a pallete of colors for your family that compliment but don't match. Avoid oranges and shades  that match the red rock. Choose contrasting colors like blues, pinks, greens, purple, lavender, white, cream. Ladies wear skirts and dresses with flow and movement this makes for great  photos. Accessories are good too,  scarves, hats, feather earrings etc anything to create interest in  a photo. I have a boho hat collection I bring with me and you can bring outfit changes as well to mix up the looks.

If you have   tattoos or body parts your not fond of wear clothing that will cover   up. I am not able to remove tattoos in every photo or fix anything but minor details such as stray hairs or skin tones. Skin tones are the most important thing to get right in my camera. If you have pimples or less than perfect skin don't worry the way I shoot they are  naturally blended out.

I rely on good lighting   not photoshop to provide you with photos. Not every location will work  and lighting can be tricky especially when there is no shade and direct harsh sun. Therefore it is  best to let the photographer choose  the   location   and shoot the two hours before sunset when the sun is lower in the sky.


Let's Go On An Adventure!

How to book? Are you available ? Contact me with your  required date and location ideas. I am flexible and can shoot any night of the week and year round so there is great chance we can make something work. Once we have chosen the  date a booking   deposit is required ( paypable by credit card via this site  or venmo.  I will send you a confirmation and receipt, style guide and print release form.  

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