Aspen Colorado Family Photographer

I was asked to to take photos for a family travelling to Aspen Colorado from Texas. They were staying in Basalt and asked if we could shoot there but I suggested downtown Aspen as Aspen Mountain makes a fantastic backdrop. I spent a few years working as a snowboard instructor for Ski Aspen Snowmass and know the area well. We met at Paepcke park gazebo a famous picture scene you will see on postcards. There was just enough snow covering the ground to make it look wintery.

It was here I met Malakai a fun 3 year old who was the centre of attention and stole the show. I love meeting new people and learning a little bit about their life and hearing how their vacation is going. It was their first time in Aspen and after the gazebo we headed to the downtown area.

The ice skating rink was just start starting to freeze and standing in front of it makes a good photo I think. I got lucky with cloudy skies so i was able to choose more locations than if it had been a bright sunny day.

Aspen Colorado family photographer
Aspen Colorado

After taking a few more family photos and a seniors session we wrapped it up as Malakai was tired and it was starting to get cold. I edited the photos and uploaded them all to an online album the next day.

If you would like a photo session in Aspen price starts at $350 for up to 1 1/2 hour and you will receive all the photos I take. I also shoot senior pictures, couples sessions and weddings.

Glamping Canyonlands Styled Elopement Wedding Photo Shoot

I was invited to attend a styled elopement wedding photo shoot at Glamping Canyonlands one chilly evening in November. Glamping Canyonlands is a camping venue located 40 miles south of Moab, Utah. Here you can rent a very stylish tent and experience sleeping under the stars on 22 acres with two of the best hosts Erik and Keishia. The owners now married for 9 years left their city life to follow their dreams by buying land and building a business from the ground up. For the first year they lived in a tent with no heating enduring very cold winters.

Eventually they were able to buy a tiny home with electric and continue to grow the business. In 2022 they aim to become a wedding venue. You will be able rent the whole site for camping and reception and have the wedding ceremony at an amazing location a short distance from the site.

The styled shoot was hosted by Tara Baker a wedding planner in Moab under the name Intimate moab weddings. The amazing succulent bouquet and florals were handmade by Toni who owns and operates Succulents for Hire a floral business based out of Moab. She recently moved from California and creates unique eco friendly wedding florals.

The three photographers included myself, Cori Spruill a well know Moab wedding photographer and Ryan a retired marine who has a passion for photography. All information regarding their businesses will be posted below.

I love how these images turned out, my style is natural, bright and joyful featured in this gallery.

View the full gallery here: Glamping Canyonlands

Vendors in Moab, Utah

Wedding Planner & Officiant : Tara Baker @intimatemoabweddings


Claire Codling @clairecodlingphoto ( shameless promotion of myself)

Cory Spruill @moab_wedding_photographer 

Ryan @the_bearded_kite

Florist: Toni @succulentsforhire

Wedding Cakes: Sheila @sweetserendipitymoab

Venue: @glampingcanyonlands

If you are wanting to elope in Moab find us all on Instagram we would love to help you!

If you are wanting to book a photographer for your wedding I would be honoured to be chosen – just let me know your date, how many people and venue. I will respond within 24 hours.

Family Photo Shoot at Sorrel River Ranch

I was very excited to photograph Brooke and her family visiting from the East Coast. They were staying at the Sorrel River Ranch which is based in a beautiful location along the old Hwy 128 that takes you along the Colorado River into Moab. There are many great locations to take people for photo shoots and Brooke decided that the ranch itself was pretty enough so we decided to meet and shoot there.

Sorrel River ranch

I met Brooke with her son and daughter at their cabin and we had a fun time walking around the ranch. We started by walking out to a row of trees that were slightly shaded with a butte in the background. The scenery all around the ranch is very Wild West and you can find old wagons and plenty of horses on the grounds.

We had fun wandering around the cabins, walking along the Colorado River and checking out the pig pen. As the afternoon rolled on it started to get windy and a storm came in. All of a sudden there was a huge rainbow over the ranch and I told everyone to run into position for a photo. After an hour of shooting its likely the last thing anyone wants to do but its so rare to see a rainbow I had to make it happen.

rainbow over Sorrel River ranch

An hour always passes by so quickly but I was able to capture a lot of photos in this time and was able to give Brooke a collection of memories I hope that she enjoy’s.

The rainbow turned into a double rainbow I was able to capture over Fisher Towers on my drive home to Grand Junction.

Rainbow over Fisher Towers

Downtown Grand Junction Father and Son Photography Session

Downtown Grand Junction’s Main Street is a fun location for a father and son photo shoot. There are many alleyways with street art and graffiti, wood benches, old doorways and textured brick walls that make great backdrops. I was excited when Warren contacted me for a photo session with his son Bryce who was leaving for Nashville, Tennessee to start a music career. Bryce is a talented musician well known in the Grand Junction area for song writing and singing.

We started the photo session in an alleyway that had a peace sign spray painted on the wall. I liked the texture of the brick with the white paint and though it suited Bryce’s light colored outfit. We then walked across Main Street to a coffee shop that has a graffiti wall behind it. Lots of fun to be had here with different poses, standing in doorways and contrasting clothing with the colorful art. Bryce changed into a more rock star outfit that worked perfectly with the red door.

After too much fun here we walked down another alleyway next to the Theatre that has wooden park benches. This is a popular spot for senior shoots and I like the spacing of the benches and the light colored brick walls. You have to be careful when shooting down an alley way, if it is too dark it may cause gray skin tones or color casts that are not possible to fix in editing. Even though the sun was starting to go down I saw there was still enough good light to make the location work. Good light means good skin tones and that is exactly what I aim for in every photo I deliver to my clients.

We then walked over to the court house an area we had visited at the start of the session but with the sun high in the sky I had seen spotty harsh light everywhere and decided to find another location. As the sun was setting it was now lit beautifully so I had Bryce sit on the Court House steps. As Bryce requested different angles I found myself lying on the ground and shooting upwards which led to much laughter.

While I was lying on the ground Warren decided to lie down on the grass and make a snow angel with the fall leaves – I mean why not, I grabbed my wide angle lens to capture him in action.

And then there was the swinging around a lamp post shot that I think turned out great and one of my favourites. I like capturing real moments and personality like this photo shows as well as offering posing direction for portraits.

If you would like a photo shoot down town just send me a message ! I love urban street photography as well as nature.

Family Photographer at Dead Horse Point, Moab Utah

I was excited when Sheila from Sweet Serendipity a wedding cake business in Moab, Utah contacted me for a family photo shoot. The photographer she had hired cancelled and she found me via Instagram. Sheila had seen a session I had taken with a couple at Dead Horse Point so she was wanting something similar. As Dead Horse Point is my favourite place it’s always exciting for me to take photos there. We discussed the ledge shot, should we do it? she said she wanted that shot so we arranged to meet at the Dead Horse Point Visitors Center one morning in October. This time of year is great for a photo shoot as the weather is not as hot and the crowds are starting to thin out with kids going back to school.

Published in Lensational Magazine

I was surprised when Lensational Magazine contacted me via Instagram to request that I upload an image taken from a recent seniors shoot with Oaklee Huges and Mindy Stratton. I had gone along with Mindy for her photo shoot to take some photos and video of her in action. We drove out to an area in Montrose at the end of summer that had some amazing aspen trees and yellow sunflowers still in bloom.

We arrived a bit late with the sun going down fast so it was a quick shoot in a couple of locations. Oaklee was a great model and I managed to capture this image of her as she walked along a wooden log.

I edited the photo in under a minute because the lighting was just right and i felt it did not require anything other than basic edits i normally apply to a raw file. I uploaded the photo not thinking it would be chosen but to my surprise I got a message saying that it had been published in the September 2021 issue.

Lensational Magazine is a photographer and model publication from the UK that features women and photography.

Senior Nature Photo Session on Grand Mesa, Grand Junction, Colorado

Fall is my favourite time of year, the weather is perfect and everything looks pretty with yellow and gold leaves on the trees. I live not far from the Grand Mesa National Forest near Grand Junction, Colorado. I was very excited when I was asked to take senior photos for Elise. Shooting outdoor portraits in nature as she wanted is definately my thing.

Using only the natural light beaming through the trees and a white reflector to bounce white light back into her face ( yellow is everywhere ) I was able to give her over 100 photos in the 1 1/2 we were there. With a great model in this location i was able to get a bit more creative using leaves and tree trunks for environmental stage props.

Fall senior photography by Claire Codling

I always wanted to try the leaves in the hair shot and I think we pulled that off nicely too, Elise just laid down on the grass as I shot away taking far too many photos as usual. By the end of the session I learnt that Elise is a flute player and just happen to have a flute in her car. So I made her go grab it for a few last shots before the sun went down. I recommend bringing any type of instrument you play to a session as it helps adds variety to the photos while telling a story about you.

Wedding Photographer at Dunafon Castle, Colorado

Dunafon castle is a prestigious wedding venue located in Idledale a small mountain town just outside of Denver Colorado. The castle is closed to the public so the only way to visit is to attend one of 30 weddings they host a year. I was very excited to be selected as lead photographer by Classic Photographers for a September 2021 fall wedding. I grew up in a town in the UK that has a castle so I could not wait to photograph this one.

When I arrived my car was parked by a valet and I walked into the grounds that looked pristine and very well kept. The castle has a moat around it and I immediately saw the gazebo and castle reflecting into the water. The interior is designed to look like an old castle with a dungeon and banquet hall.

I worked with second shooter Ian Miller who photographed the groom and groomsmen getting ready while i photographed the ladies. The bride chose a fabulous beaded dress with a long veil and via a zoom meeting i suggested that we should try a veil toss photo. I thought the white dress and veil would look great contrasting against the green leaves on the castle wall.

Photographing the Mittens Shadow at Monument Valley

The weekend of September 11, 2021 i drove a Ford Mustang to Monument valley. I had previously visited during covid shut down but had not been able to drive the 17 mile loop due to being closed. I decided to take my own tent and stay at Rent A Tent that is located along Monument Valley drive and close to the park entrance. The drive to Monument Valley from Grand Junction, Colorado is fantastic especially in a top down Mustang, i drove via Cisco and the old HWy 128 into Moab. From Moab it’s a scenic drive all the way driving past Valley of The Gods and Mexican Hat.

When i arrived at Rent a Tent a small off the grid camping site a nice lady met me at the entrance and took me down to the tent site. It was very hot and i ended up renting one of their tents that has a comfortable bed and everything you need for camping. This place is normally booked out solid so it was amazing that i had the opportunity to stay so close to Monument Valley for a very affordable price.

Excited to see the Mittens at sunset i drove into the park. Cost to get in was $20 and the pass was valid for two days. The last time i had visited in May the park was closed unless you were staying at the View Hotel or cabins and then you could only see the view from the hotel balcony. Everything else at that time was strictly off limits with people watching us in vans to make sure we did not go over the park line. I was curious this time on what would be open and what i would be allowed to do. To my surprise it seemed that the trails were open and the valley loop drive was also open to a limited number of private vehicles. I was told to arrive early for a good chance to enter the park in my own car or the only other way would be by a private tour.

I spent the golden hour wandering along the rim trail taking photos of different views of the Mittens. I had the trail to myself as the park despite being open was quiet due to lack of foreign tourists. After sunset i returned to my tent and watched the milky way bow rising and listened to the blissful sound of tribal drumming happening somewhere off in the distance.

The next morning i got up at 5pm to a sky full of stars and drove to the valley drive loop entrance located near the cabins. Not sure exactly what time it would open i waited around and eventually a guide showed up about 6.15am, i had to fill out a form and sign a waiver. I was the first in line and the sun was yet to rise so i was looking forward to the colorful views.

Light Chaserz in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Whenever I am out taking landscape photos I often run into fellow photographers who have the same passion for travel and photography as I do.

Background story: During covid shut down in June 2020 I drove to Monument Valley but it was closed so I decided to photograph Valley of The Gods instead. When I arrived at the entrance I wasn’t sure if my car would make it down the dirt road. Just as I got out to look at the map another car pulled up and out jumped Philip Jaw. I asked him if he thought my car would make it and he said follow them and he was sure it would be fine. I ended up having the best day with Philip and Amit driving the 17 mile loop without issue and scouting locations for Milky Way photos later that night.

Philip later came to Moab with Nate, Marvin and Nam from San Francisco and I visited California in September 2020. Along the way we met Nick Imberby in Oregon and also Sinan a tick tock star, Ray and Allyson and we formed the Light Chaserz photography crew.

In August 2021 a trip was arranged to photograph some of San Francisco’s bridges and drive down the coast to the Big Sur.
The first two days I spent with my other friend Cathy who took me to visit Filoli Historic House and Gardens. The inside of the historic house has lots of old vintage furniture, bouquets of flowers and grand architecture. I was happy to try out my new Nikon z6ii camera and was impressed with the high ISO capability to produce bright photos of the inside without flash.

Outside wandering around the gardens you will see a big variety of flowers and plants, lilly ponds, well kept lawns and a swimming pool.

After visiting Filoli I drove to the Bay Area to meet Nam Ing at a yacht club near the Golden Gate Bridge. As the weather conditions were foggy he decided that we should head to Lombard Street and take a few photos there. I watched Nam in action with his Olympus camera, he is the fastest shooter you have ever seen, he uploads his photos to the internet within minutes of taking them!

After Lombard Street Nam drove us to Treasure Island where we got a bit lost but eventually ended up at an overlook where we shot long exposure car trails on The Bay Bridge.

The next day I took the car for a drive to the coast and visited Shark fin Rock near Santa Cruz. The rock really does look like a shark fin and you can walk along the cliff edge for amazing ocean views.

After visiting the coast we met up with the crew in down town San Francisco and headed out to a view point to capture long exposure car trails along the road to the Golden Gate Bridge. I got to try a low light shot with my new camera Nikon Z6ii and found the image to be very noise free.

Golden Gate Bridge

Last stop was Keyhole Rock located on a beach along the Big Sur, a location I have seen photographed many times and always wanted to visit. The sky was gray so not much of sunset but watching the waves come in through the natural arch was something I could watch for hours. The California coast is a bit of drive to get to but once there you can find an endless amount of natural beauty to photograph.

Key Hole Rock