About Me

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Hi, I am Claire! A world traveller and adventurer from the UK. I live in Western Colorado and am always looking for something to photograph. I love coffee, riding motorcycles, snowboarding and photographing nature and American landscapes.

I started to learn photography a few years ago when I returned from hiking the Great Wall of China with out of focus photos that I shot with a Nikon camera on auto mode. I also realised I needed to take better quality photographs for my online web stores so I bought a beginner photography book and have been obsessed with it ever since. I developed a passion for photography that grew into landscapes, stars and the milky way and later people and weddings.

I am a self taught photographer constantly working on improving skills and gaining experience. My style is bright and airy and I love creating joyful images.

The first wedding I photographed was for my friend Chris who was let down by his photographer the day before his big day. In a panic he called me asking if I would do it and with no idea how to shoot a wedding or what a wedding day even looked like I said yes! I worked with a wedding planner at a Church venue in Grand Junction and despite making many technical mistakes I came away with a gallery of images that my friend was happy with. I learnt a lot that day and when the wedding was over I realised I loved doing it and couldn’t wait to shoot the next one. I have since photographed weddings as a second shooter for local photographers and am just starting to do them on my own.

Photos by Mindy Stratton Photography

Photographing nature and landscapes is my passion, I have travelled the south west of USA, Colorado and Iceland in recent years to take photos. I realized along the journey that I also like photographing people so the combination of skills works well for portraits.

Amazing day at Maroon Bell, Aspen, Colorado PC: Sloane Milstein Photography

I am a gadget geek and enjoy all the latest camera and drone gear. I find photography requires artistic skill plus patience for technology. I am currently learning how to make cinematic videos in the hope that I can also be a videographer for weddings. I am excited to see what I can learn and create next.

Silly Facts about me:

British gal from Lincolnshire, UK

Became a vegetarian when I was 12 years old

My first job was packaging onions in a factory and was fired for crying too much (true!)

I have a bachelors degree in Geography and Environmental Studies

I lived on Penny Lane in Liverpool, England while attending University

Travelled 47 countries around the world before Instagram and a cell phone

I lived in Australia for two years

I hiked the Great Wall of China

Bungy jumped in New Zealand

I have flown around the world 3 times and once in 6 weeks

I worked as snowboard instructor for Aspen / Snowmass

I love to ride motorcycles

I have flown an airplane (with instructor) and would love to be a pilot

Nikon is my camera brand of choice

My favorite place is Dead Horse Point in Canyonlands

Coffee – one cup is never enough!