Downtown Grand Junction Father and Son Photography Session

Downtown Grand Junction’s Main Street is a fun location for a father and son photo shoot. There are many alleyways with street art and graffiti, wood benches, old doorways and textured brick walls that make great backdrops. I was excited when Warren contacted me for a photo session with his son Bryce who was leaving for Nashville, Tennessee to start a music career. Bryce is a talented musician well known in the Grand Junction area for song writing and singing.

We started the photo session in an alleyway that had a peace sign spray painted on the wall. I liked the texture of the brick with the white paint and though it suited Bryce’s light colored outfit. We then walked across Main Street to a coffee shop that has a graffiti wall behind it. Lots of fun to be had here with different poses, standing in doorways and contrasting clothing with the colorful art. Bryce changed into a more rock star outfit that worked perfectly with the red door.

After too much fun here we walked down another alleyway next to the Theatre that has wooden park benches. This is a popular spot for senior shoots and I like the spacing of the benches and the light colored brick walls. You have to be careful when shooting down an alley way, if it is too dark it may cause gray skin tones or color casts that are not possible to fix in editing. Even though the sun was starting to go down I saw there was still enough good light to make the location work. Good light means good skin tones and that is exactly what I aim for in every photo I deliver to my clients.

We then walked over to the court house an area we had visited at the start of the session but with the sun high in the sky I had seen spotty harsh light everywhere and decided to find another location. As the sun was setting it was now lit beautifully so I had Bryce sit on the Court House steps. As Bryce requested different angles I found myself lying on the ground and shooting upwards which led to much laughter.

While I was lying on the ground Warren decided to lie down on the grass and make a snow angel with the fall leaves – I mean why not, I grabbed my wide angle lens to capture him in action.

And then there was the swinging around a lamp post shot that I think turned out great and one of my favourites. I like capturing real moments and personality like this photo shows as well as offering posing direction for portraits.

If you would like a photo shoot down town just send me a message ! I love urban street photography as well as nature.

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