Light Chaserz in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Whenever I am out taking landscape photos I often run into fellow photographers who have the same passion for travel and photography as I do.

Background story: During covid shut down in June 2020 I drove to Monument Valley but it was closed so I decided to photograph Valley of The Gods instead. When I arrived at the entrance I wasn’t sure if my car would make it down the dirt road. Just as I got out to look at the map another car pulled up and out jumped Philip Jaw. I asked him if he thought my car would make it and he said follow them and he was sure it would be fine. I ended up having the best day with Philip and Amit driving the 17 mile loop without issue and scouting locations for Milky Way photos later that night.

Philip later came to Moab with Nate, Marvin and Nam from San Francisco and I visited California in September 2020. Along the way we met Nick Imberby in Oregon and also Sinan a tick tock star, Ray and Allyson and we formed the Light Chaserz photography crew.

In August 2021 a trip was arranged to photograph some of San Francisco’s bridges and drive down the coast to the Big Sur.
The first two days I spent with my other friend Cathy who took me to visit Filoli Historic House and Gardens. The inside of the historic house has lots of old vintage furniture, bouquets of flowers and grand architecture. I was happy to try out my new Nikon z6ii camera and was impressed with the high ISO capability to produce bright photos of the inside without flash.

Outside wandering around the gardens you will see a big variety of flowers and plants, lilly ponds, well kept lawns and a swimming pool.

After visiting Filoli I drove to the Bay Area to meet Nam Ing at a yacht club near the Golden Gate Bridge. As the weather conditions were foggy he decided that we should head to Lombard Street and take a few photos there. I watched Nam in action with his Olympus camera, he is the fastest shooter you have ever seen, he uploads his photos to the internet within minutes of taking them!

After Lombard Street Nam drove us to Treasure Island where we got a bit lost but eventually ended up at an overlook where we shot long exposure car trails on The Bay Bridge.

The next day I took the car for a drive to the coast and visited Shark fin Rock near Santa Cruz. The rock really does look like a shark fin and you can walk along the cliff edge for amazing ocean views.

After visiting the coast we met up with the crew in down town San Francisco and headed out to a view point to capture long exposure car trails along the road to the Golden Gate Bridge. I got to try a low light shot with my new camera Nikon Z6ii and found the image to be very noise free.

Golden Gate Bridge

Last stop was Keyhole Rock located on a beach along the Big Sur, a location I have seen photographed many times and always wanted to visit. The sky was gray so not much of sunset but watching the waves come in through the natural arch was something I could watch for hours. The California coast is a bit of drive to get to but once there you can find an endless amount of natural beauty to photograph.

Key Hole Rock

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