Couples Photo Session at Dead Horse Point, Moab Utah

Couples photo session Dead Horse Point Canyonlands

Dead Horse Point in Canyonlands is my favourite place and a Utah State park I have visited often over the past 20 years since I first came to Moab, Utah. I have watched the sunrise and sunset many times, seen the milky way rise, wandered the trails, been to the bottom and met some amazing people sitting on the rim. The view of the river bend and the buttes makes for a stunning back drop for couples, family and wedding portraits.

I was asked by Kassidy and Garret to photograph them as they had never had engagement photos taken. Visiting from the East coast they told me they had been to school in Utah and loved the area and wanted some photos for memories. On a hot summer evening in July we met at the visitors center and we started our adventure walking out to the edge of a cliff.

On the way to the cliff I saw a large pool of water and a reflection that I had to make the most of. It’s rare to see a large water pool like this as it’s so hot and dry in the summer but a passing storm brought some heavy rain.

Reflections – Couples photo session Moab, Utah

We made it to the cliff and I was able to take some stunning photos of Kassidy and Garret in their dream location overlooking the river.

Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands couples photo session

We drove on to the main over look of Dead Horse Point and took our time wandering along the rim stopping to take photos over a 2 hour period. I brought a boho blanket and a hat for Kassidy as she had left hers behind. The hat and dress looked great, I find flowy dresses and mens shirts in shades of blue, greens and light tan look good contrasting against the color of the rock.

Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands, Utah

This session was great for me I was able to take a lot of photos I love and Kassidy said they came out better than she could have hoped for. Even Baxter the dog was happy posing for the camera and was well behaved during our time in the park.

If you would like a Moab Adventure photo session just contact me ! I would love to show you around and take you to these locations. Dead Horse Point is the perfect spot for engagements, couples, family and elopement weddings.

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