Motorcycle Trip to Monument Valley

Riding my motorcycle to Monument Valley was a trip I wanted to repeat since I last did it roughly ten years ago. The first time I recall having a stressful day and to get away I took off on my Honda Shadow from Glenwood Springs, Colorado. When I was out on the open road The Grand Canyon popped into my mind and I decided to keep riding. I made it to the rim of the Grand Canyon by sunset and I remember stopping at Forest Gump road to take a picture and feeling proud of myself for making it so far that day.

This trip was a bit more planned riding a custom Harley Davidson sportster I traded my Honda for in 2015.

Forest Gump Hill

The ride

From Grand Junction get onto HWY I70 and head to Danish Flat, turn off to ride a back road into Moab via Cisco. Cisco is a quirky abandoned town that was once part of the movie set for my favorite movie Thelma and Louise. The town now has four residents a convenience store and a hotel if you wish to ever stay there for an unusual experience.

From Cisco ride to Moab via HWY 128 my favorite stretch of road, no matter how many times I travel down it I always feel a sense of adventure. Along this road you will see fisher towers and amazing Wild West scenery along the river. This road will take you into the town of Moab where you can buy gas and stock up on supplies before heading South towards Blanding and Mexican Hat.

I left Moab early in the morning and at this time of year in June it can still be cold in the morning heating up to 80 degrees later in the day. I had to stop a couple of times to warm up my hands and get some coffee. Whenever I stop at a gas station I always seem to get talking to someone about riding or motorcycles.

At one gas station a man stopped to say he wished he could join me, he could no longer ride due to health conditions and he reminisced about some of his adventures. I felt grateful to be where I was at that moment in time and I carried on down the road towards Monument Valley.

It’s a great ride from Monticello to Mexican Hat riding past the entrance to Valley of The Gods with a quick stop at The Goosenecks.

I made it to Forest Gump hill early in the morning, my mind was clear and i had a feeling of freedom. I love riding down that stretch of road it’s one of the most well known in America. Monument Valley park was closed at the time due to COVID but I made it to the entrance of the View Hotel before turning round. I stopped to take a few photos and visit the gift shop at Gould’s. I rode back to Moab the same day and arrived just before sunset at the Lazy Lizard Hostel.

Harley Davidson Mirror

The next morning I rode into Arches National Park. Monday morning is the best time to visit as most people are back at work or leaving town after a fun weekend. I live 2 hours away from Moab so I quite often visit for a bike ride or photography session.

Monument Valley

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